Fire Needling - 毫火针

The Acupuncture Method of Fire needling

Filiform fire needling is a technique and not a school of acupuncture even though it has its own theories way of thinking. While applying filiform fire needle it is not always required to differentiate based on the theories of Chinese medicine. For example we know that tinnitus may be due to problems of Liver or Kidney. Regardless of the cause the treatment with filiform fire needle will be the same.

Simultaneously other points can be used to treat the root of the problem. But the effect of fire needle on the area of sternocleidomastoid muscle will have an immediate effect in the treatment of tinnitus because those tissues are related to the tension of the tympanic membrane thus causing tinnitus. In this technique the target tissue is often the fascia the skin, tendons, the muscles, and the vessels. The periosteum could be a target tissue but not so often.

The purpose of acupuncture by filiform fire needle is the transmission of heat into the body at specific points. This points could be the know acupuncture points or other points. Actually treatment with filiform fire needle is actually moxibustion therapy. However the major difference of filiform fire needle is that during moxibustion heat is transferred to the skin and then to the other tissue while the filiform fire needle transfers the heat directly into the body.

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Fire Needling Training
Level 1. Fire Needling Course
Level 2. Advanced Fire Needling
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